Project GreenHands has undertaken several projects in collaboration with various organisations to develop the greenery in Tamil Nadu. Here are some of the projects that Project GreenHands has been involved in.

Project GreenHandsí alliance with Yves Rocher Group, Botanical Cosmetics, Frances

As corporate partner of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Yves Rocher Group had pledged to plant one million trees towards UNEP's 'Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign' in 2007. Yves Rocher Group has now teamed with Project GreenHands to execute this pledge. The collaboration spreads over awareness campaigns, nursery development, planting and nurturing of the saplings. The partners will leverage their respective strengths towards these common goals with the Yves Rocher Group providing financial assistance and Isha Foundation to undertake fieldwork through its wide network of volunteers.

Rocher will sponsor 900,000 saplings in total over a period of three years. In the first phase to be executed this year, 250,000 saplings will be planted in Gobichettipalayam taluk. Farmers from twenty-six panchayats in Gobi will participate.

The localised intervention will facilitate a close partnership between the company and the village communities who plant and nurture the saplings, and also help monitor growth.

A joint venture of Project GreenHands with LEISA (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture).

Project GreenHands has partnered with the Center for Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture, LEISA, to raise and plant 400,000 saplings under a unique buy-back arrangement. 175,000 saplings will be planted through the LEISA self-help farmer groups on member's farm lands immediately, with the balance planted progressively as conditions become suitable for planting. Project GreenHands as project consultant and partner has provided all tree seeds and covers for the nurseries as well as monitoring and troubleshooting advice.

Project GreenHands in collobaration with NIT, Trichy

The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy, a strong supporter of Project GreenHands had contributed to the mass tree planting campaign in 2006 with 4000 trees, when Project GreenHands set a Guinness record. In a show of continued support, NIT has now established a large nursery to grow 100,000 saplings in 2007, actively involving school children and self-help groups. The saplings have been mostly planted in villages around the campus at NIT, Trichy. Project GreenHands provided the seeds, covers, know-how and troubleshooting advice for raising the nursery, planting and maintenance of the saplings. Project GreenHands and NIT have also actively campaigned to raise environmental awareness among school children and college students.

Project GreenHands in association with Eranda Foundation, UK to plant in Gandarvakottai

The Eranda Foundation, UK has generously sponsored 65,000 tree saplings which Project GreenHands has grown from seeds and planted in 19 villages around Gandharvakottai Taluk in Tamil Nadu. Eranda Foundation's representatives in Tamil Nadu, the Integrated Rural Development Center (IRDC) have kindly assisted Project GreenHands with introductions and networking alliances in these villages.
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